Peering into a little more then average.

Priscilla Liu-tcheng is the name.
I'm an artist, a musician, and a friend.
I can be excited, happy, bitchy, moody, or boring.
I live my life as it comes, take nothing for granted, live with no regrets and never think twice about my feelings.
I'm your typical 19 year old girl.
I'm confident with who I am, and where I am in life..

And I love it.

Here is where I draw the inspiration for my work.

<3 = Art, music, guitar, bass, comics, xbox, cartoons, longboarding, sleeping, Batman, partying, zombies, reading. Nerdfighting, Sherlock, Dexter, etcetcetc

I love you. You are the single greatest event in the year. I had literally NO troubles with any of the lines or admissions like many of the expodites did this year. I didn’t wait in any lines for longer then 10 minutes and I was extremely fortunate for my good luck this year. 

Today, I got to see the panel from Michael Rooker, who plays Merle on the Walking Dead! Stan Lee’s panel and a panel from the very talented and equally as beautiful Tara Strong! She was probably of the best parts of this weekend, she is SO talented and funny! I also got to meet Christian Potenza, and Tony Moore!! I saw Billy West, John DiMaggio, Hayden Panettiere, the Phelps Twins as well as dundundundun ADAM WEST!!! <3 My life has been completed. 

Also, I bought myself an octopus necklace, 40ish comics, and a new Batman bag/backpack. My lovely boyfriend bought some comics and got them signed, as well as a glass cup for me, complete with the Batman logo and a flappy cape. (: