Peering into a little more then average.

Priscilla Liu-tcheng is the name.
I'm an artist, a musician, and a friend.
I can be excited, happy, bitchy, moody, or boring.
I live my life as it comes, take nothing for granted, live with no regrets and never think twice about my feelings.
I'm your typical 19 year old girl.
I'm confident with who I am, and where I am in life..

And I love it.

Here is where I draw the inspiration for my work.

<3 = Art, music, guitar, bass, comics, xbox, cartoons, longboarding, sleeping, Batman, partying, zombies, reading. Nerdfighting, Sherlock, Dexter, etcetcetc

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Jonathan Moyal’s spectacular shots of his travels awaken a strong sense of wanderlust.

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Ivo Kamphuis

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Bill Henson - Lux et Nox, 2002

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