Peering into a little more then average.

Priscilla Liu-tcheng is the name.
I'm an artist, a musician, and a friend.
I can be excited, happy, bitchy, moody, or boring.
I live my life as it comes, take nothing for granted, live with no regrets and never think twice about my feelings.
I'm your typical 19 year old girl.
I'm confident with who I am, and where I am in life..

And I love it.

Here is where I draw the inspiration for my work.

<3 = Art, music, guitar, bass, comics, xbox, cartoons, longboarding, sleeping, Batman, partying, zombies, reading. Nerdfighting, Sherlock, Dexter, etcetcetc


Gilles Barbier

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Jang Seung Hyo is a South Korean that stitches collages of images and forms two-dimensional into the three-dimensional pieces. The images he uses are personal daily experiences, where the viewer ignites unconscious associations. His photo sculptures up close, forms itself into looking like a futuristic illusions.



Sam3  Artist


Anya Gallaccio

That open space within, 2008



Ma Han - Breathing System - Lungs (2008) - Fiberglass, rice &amp; car paint


Ma Han - Breathing System - Lungs (2008) - Fiberglass, rice & car paint


»this« by maciej ratajski


JeeYoung Lee - Broken Heart


JeeYoung Lee - Broken Heart


Life Size Origami Elephant by Sipho Mabona


by kee Tae Kim


Fisches Heide - Ale Senso.

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Everything is Ending

Barcelona-based artists Javier Jabalera and Mon Castel worked in collaboration with 3D Neighbors to create this interactive project entitled Everything is Ending. The pair worked together to build the flammable design because, Jabalera explains, “We were thinking of the best way to say goodbye to the earth if finally this 2012 is the last year before the apocalypse.”



Hong Seon Jang - Ruin (2012) - Fishing line & hot glue


Creative Street Arts - Yaratıcı Sokak Sanatları by Pejac